About this blog

FootballMarketing.TV is a blog created by me and focuses on marketing and business aspects of the football industry. It shares case studies and opinions on how sport brands can improve their brand performance in the industry. Posts can range from news articles and essays to more academic-based studies. All views are my own except where stated otherwise.

All content created for, displayed and embedded on FootballMarketing.TV, as well as quotes from Twitter, Facebook, and other online publications, are meant for educational and informational purposes only. No copyright infringement intended on content not created by FootballMarketing.TV.

About the author:
I, Sebastiano Mereu, am a marketer and social media professional, football enthusiast, YouTuber and music geek, author of «The November Sun» (a novel), candidate for the degree of Doctor of Business Administration at Edinburgh Business School, FHNW and Kansai Gaidai University alumnus. I am based in Switzerland, live my life emotionally between Switzerland, Italy and Japan, and am open to collaborating with anyone who shares one of my passions.

Contact me on Twitter at @sebinomics and I’ll reply.


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